1. Interview with Cass Morrow Anna Brook 34:48

Today I had an opportunity to interview Cass Morrow who is a relationship coach.

A message from Cass:

“I have been privileged to work with 3100 men in my first 20 months of business. My wife, nearly 1000 women. We have the ability to polarize our audience with our story, our out-of-the-box thinking and really, the lessons we have learned to save our toxic, abusive and sexless marriage.

I am also incredible at creating systems that circumvent the “normal” way Society encourages saving or, even simply, helping struggling marriages.

As a managing, severe narcissist who only knew 7 day anger binges and how to emotionally abuse, physically and sexually assault my wife…

7 separations…

A restraining order and 1 year of probation after being charged with assault…

I was going to lose it all.

I began learning.

Court mandated anger management did not work. 14 years of therapy… nothing.

It’s no wonder Society’s solutions are not working, and divorce rates are climbing.

I got to work. My wife followed. Between Kathryn and me, we have spent $380,000 on courses, certifications, diplomas, degrees, books and countless coaches and mentors.

With 250K followers and growing, I am certain that by the time our children marry, our purpose to flip divorce statistics, will serve them well… including yours.”

To connect with Cass, please visit:


Anna Brook empowers others to live life in the full pursuit of their dreams. Passionate about personal development and the power of the mind, she started the In Turn podcast in October of 2022 to inspire and motivate her listeners. A believer of living life on her terms, Anna has worked as a pharmacist since 2016. During this time, she developed leadership and communication skills, as well as active listening and compassion towards her patients.

In addition to her career as a pharmacist, Anna is a certified Holistic Health coach and the co-founder of Biomental®️, a nutritional supplement company based out of New York City.

Always staying solutions-oriented, creative and thinking outside of the box, Anna is determined to grow a culture of healthy, focused, and strong human beings by providing tools and support through her work. She loves to engage in deep conversations on the topics of self-help and mental health. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a book, cooking, meditating, and dancing tango.