1. Out of the Woodz- Kristy Wood-Giles hollischapmanshow 36:00

Kristy Wood-Giles is a Health Coach with a MSc in Environmental Health, and Author, Two Week Window; Living with Lyme and Thriving in Life.

Kristy has always been an advocate for natural healing supplements, healthy foods, the benefits of movement, and understanding how our mind plays a role in helping us meet our greatest potential.

Yet after several years of struggle, Kristy went from completing a Half Ironman to being challenged just walking. She was eventually informed she had been infected with Lyme and would have to live with this chronic, immune deficiency disease for the remainder of her life.

Not only did she put into action everything she knew, she also had to challenge all systems to see where more healing and energy could be found. Her insistence on understanding the coordination between the body and mind and how our natural intuition plays a role, led her to find the health and happiness she longed for