1. Episode 31 – Medical Debt…What Are Your Options and How To Avoid It? Sandy Kibling 37:21

People are going without needed care, living in pain with chronic illnesses because they cannot afford medications, and many are going without health insurance overall with the ER as their only option.

I recently had a conversation with someone at a gathering who shared how she needs a monthly inhaler that costs $350 a month.  In order to provide for her kids as a single Mom, she uses that inhaler 2-3 times a week to make it last longer.  It is prescribed daily to be effective.  She claims she wheezes but not as much and when air quality is bad it is a struggle to breathe.  She could put things on a credit card but doesn’t want to deal with the looming fear of debt or worse bankruptcy.

How is it that we live in a thriving country in the USA where people have to choose between caring for their kids, putting food on the table or purchasing the medication needed or just trying to breath?

I am excited to have Bob Hertz on the show.  Bob is a retired health insurance agent, and full-time advocate for health reform. He provides key information so consumers can deal with and prevent medical debt.  He also proposes serious legal reforms that will reduce the scandalous medical debt that surrounds us today.

Bob brings clarity and real solutions – both for the individual patient, and for society as a whole.

What we will discuss:

1)    What can the individual patient do if they are faced with debt? 

2)    Are there new laws that could alleviate medical debt?

3)    What can be done to protect patient's rights?


The Anti-Debt Agenda

100 million adults have health-care debt — and 12% of them owe $10,000 or more

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