1. Episode 17: Questions To Ask Before Your Surgery Sandy Kibling 22:20

Having a surgery planned, or elective is concerning. There are so many questions and concerns.

I know I had a total knee replacement surgery a year ago, and while my surgeon and the facility where I was having the procedure were awesome in providing prep documents and answering my questions, I was still anxious.

I remember creating these scenarios about what could happen and wanting to ask additional questions to put my mind at ease but being hesitant to do so.  

Don’t hesitate and ask the questions you need. This is happening to you…be your own advocate and remember that a well-informed patient tends to be more satisfied with the outcome or results of a procedure.

What we will discuss: 

  1. You’re Thinking About an Elective Surgery – Questions to Ask
  2. The Cost of Surgery – Options for Managing Your Out of Pocket Cost
  3. You’ve Planned Your Surgery – Now What?


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