1. 567. The Intersection of Mindfulness, Micro Dosing and Sports Performance w/ Lauren Alderfer Darian Parker 52:44

In this conversation, Lauren Alderfer discusses the intersections of mindfulness, performance enhancement and micro-dosing.

Lauren Alderfer comes to the world of microdosing and the use of entheogens through the lens of her many decades of meditation. She understands the powerful lived experience of non duality to enhance one’s presence. Deepening a connection to one’s essential nature, living with ever greater loving-kindness and wisdom, and sharing in the interconnectedness of nature and all sentient beings can be equally powerful experiences when approaching microdosing and entheogens through the heart of mindfulness. She is the award-winning mindfulness author of Teaching from the Heart of Mindfulness. She also wrote the popular children’s book, Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda as well as other Buddhist stories.

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Intro Music by Wordsmith: www.wordsmithmusic.com

Time Stamps:

00:01 Introduction and Guest Welcome

00:23 Exploring the Intersection of Microdosing and Performance

01:21 Mindfulness Exercise and Its Role in Performance

03:57 The Impact of Mindfulness on Sports Performance

06:00 Microdosing and Its Potential Benefits in Sports

10:01 The Future of Microdosing in Sports

22:31 Personal Journey into Mindfulness and Microdosing

24:06 The Benefits of Microdosing and Mindfulness

27:22 Understanding the Macro and Micro of Psychedelics

29:23 The Impact of Psychedelics on Personal Interests

30:02 Psychedelics and Connection to Nature

30:53 The Potential of Psychedelics and Personal Experiences

31:50 Overcoming Resistance and Misconceptions about Psychedelics

33:46 The Future of Psychedelics: Legalization and Accessibility

35:54 The Role of Psychedelics in Wellness and Personal Development

38:16 The Importance of Safe and Informed Use of Psychedelics

40:22 The Growing Acceptance and Future of Psychedelics

48:22 The Role of Psychedelics in a Modern, Busy Society

49:51 The Importance of Guidance and Support in Microdosing

50:49 Final Thoughts and Resources on Psychedelics

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