1. In Crisis ? It Takes a Village ! (Randy Velarde, President of the Plaza Group) - 12 min Birgit Kamps 12:23

Discover why Randy Velarde, President of the Plaza Group, thinks it takes a village to succeed and to have effective succession (12 minute episode) !

CEO BLINDSPOTS GUEST: Randy Velarde. He is the President and Founder of The Plaza Group, which is an international petrochemical marketing  headquartered in Houston, Texas. Their accounts include many Fortune 500 companies, major international firms, direct consumers and select chemical distributors. Randy Velarde and his team have received numerous awards for their success since being founded in 1994; https://theplazagrp.com/

CEO BLINDSPOTS HOST:  Birgit Kamps, Founder of the CEO Blindspots Podcast, Hire Universe LLC, and HireSynergy LLC (an “Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company” and a “Best Company to Work for in Texas”); https://ceoblindspots.com/about/

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Birgit Kamps CEO Blindspots Podcast

Birgit was speaking five languages by the age of 10, and lived in five countries with her Dutch parents prior to becoming an American citizen. Birgit’s professional experience includes starting and selling an “Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company” and a “Best Company to Work for in Texas”, and serving as a Board Member with various companies. In addition, Birgit is the President of Hire Universe LLC, and the host of the CEO Blindspots® Podcast which was recognized by Spotify for having the “biggest listener growth” in the USA by 733%; https://www.ceoblindspots.com/