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September 17th, 2023

Autism Out and About

  1. Autism Out and About 22:02

In this week’s episode, Sarah and Jeremy give a preview of their sister podcast, “Autism Out and About.”

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Sarah Stelmach-Brown is a caregiving advocate with a major focus on autism and Alzheimer’s disease and the host of the podcast “Caregiver Chronicles.” She is the mother of two boys on the autism spectrum.

Sarah worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medication Technician at assisted living facilities, nursing homes and in-home care before leaving in July of 2021 after experiencing caregiver burnout. She is raw and passionate as she speaks
about her experiences as a caregiver in both personal and professional settings.

Sarah is not afraid to tackle serious topics but also uses her wit to bring levity to almost any situation. She uses her podcast to help caregivers from all walks of life connect to others and gets their messages out about making the world a better place for those we care for and those who care for us.

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