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April 22nd, 2024

Using Telsa FSD, Driving the Tesla Model Y, Why Tesla is No Longer a Luxury Brand

  1. Using Telsa FSD, Driving the Tesla Model Y, Why Tesla is No Longer a Luxury Brand Consumer Guide Automotive, Tom Appel, Jill Ciminillo 56:51

Jill is back in studio this week. The hosts opened the show discussing hands-free driving systems, with Tom sharing impressions of both the Lincoln Blue Cruise 1.2 system found in the Nautilus he is evaluating this week, and the Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) system as found in the Model Y small crossover. 

Tom also briefly reviewed the Tesla Model Y, which he was generally very impressed with. That said, Tom was surprised by how small the Model Y is—listen in for his complete summary. 

In the second segment Jill and Tom welcome Jamie Butters, Executive Editor of Automotive News, to the show. Jamie explained why the staff of Automotive News no longer considers Tesla a luxury brand. Jamie also shared his thoughts on the recent Tesla sales slowdown, and the UAW vote at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga factory. 

In the last segment, Jill is subjected to Tom’s “EV Sales” quiz. Jill also discussed an unusual meal she enjoyed at Newark Liberty International Airport. 

Tom Appel Host of the Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast

Long-time publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive, and frequent radio and podcast guest. Currently co-hosting the Car Stuff podcast with auto-review veteran Jill Ciminillo. Life-long Chicagoan. Live with my wife of 30 years, and have a daughter earning her masters degree in animal behavior.

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