1. #151: How to Use the Story Cycle™ to Become an Activist Brand Park Howell, Brand Story Strategist 1:07:33

In 2016, Avantpage, a language translation company, set out to give their already successful company a revamp. They wanted to start standing for more in the world. They did this by redefining not only their brand strategy, but their brand story.

Avantpage has been able to really hone in on their brand voice as activists in order to adequately spread their message and motto –empathy beyond words.

On today’s show we have Luis Miguel, international translation expert and owner of Avantpage, with his director of marketing, Sabra Rubentstein.

We have had the opportunity to work with these two over the last couple of years and through that, have gotten to work alongside what I think is one of the strongest brand stories we have been involved with.

They will show you how their business has improved by more than 30% as they found their activist brand voice to differentiate themselves from their competition, and how you can, too.