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  1. 106. Interview W/Terry Armelli Peter Cimoroni 31:45

Join host coach Peter Cimoroni and guest Terry
Armelli “Benedictine High School Referee” as they recount some of the most thrilling wrestling matches and rivalries that have shaped the sport’s history. The conversation captures the essence of local competitions, like the suspense-filled 1985 Southwest Conference Championship, bringing to life the packed
gyms and school pride of yesteryear. As we tackle the current challenges in wrestling officiating, from the shortage of referees to the importance of patience and education in supporting newcomers, we honor the legacy of past influential figures and discuss solutions to ensure the sport’s continued success. And finally, we draw inspiration from Rocky Balboa’s message of
perseverance, reminding us of the enduring spirit of wrestling and the brotherhood it fosters.



(0:00:00) – Coaching and Wrestling Career.
Remembering Sandy Santos Caggio and the mentorship and camaraderie in wrestling
officiation, while balancing a nursing career.


(0:09:28) – Wrestling Memories and Connections

Reflecting on early wrestling days,
influential coaches and teammates, bonds formed, and growth of the sport.


(0:15:06) – Memorable Wrestling Matches and
Intense Rivalries

High school wrestling’s intense rivalries,
packed gyms, and historic face-offs once defined the sport’s electrifying atmosphere.


(0:21:40) – Challenges and Solutions in
Wrestling Officiating

Decline in wrestling officials due to COVID-19
and attrition, efforts to recruit and retain through streamlined process and


(0:30:20) – Life’s Hits and Moving Forward

Rocky Balboa’s message of perseverance and
Resilience parallels the lessons taught in our sport, promoting unity and


0:02:54 – Goal of Becoming a Referee (122

0:09:11 – Recalling Past Coaches and Losses
(59 Seconds)

0:16:18 – 1985 Duel Meet at Dome’s Falls Gym
(49 Seconds)

0:19:58 – Wild Match (94 Seconds)

0:26:26 – Funny Stories and Bonding Among
Officials (65 Seconds)



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