Thursday - July 25th, 2024
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July 3rd, 2024

7.3.2024 – Heather Fender–Director, LEGALLY BLONDE

  1. 7.3.2024 - Heather Fender--Director, LEGALLY BLONDE Blaine Greenfield 31:49

BLAINESWORLD webcast, 7.3.2024 (Heather Fender)

Guest: Heather Fender–Director, LEGALLY BLONDE, the musical that runs at Hendersonville Theatre from July 18-Aug. 4. For tickets, click:

Blaine Greenfield CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of BLAINESWORLD

Blaine Greenfield is CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of BLAINESWORLD, a podcast. He also publishes a free weekly blog with the same name that contains some jokes, reviews, contests, etc. (It can be obtained by clicking: Blaine lives in Fairview, NC, with his beautiful bride Cynthia and their amazing cat Kismet.

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