1. Hugh Huffaker: Failure is Part of Success. So Keep Going. Patrick Huey 38:15

Blurring the Lines


Hugh Huffaker is serial entrepreneur who follows the passions within him to guide his choices in business, and as you will hear, in his life. He is the Founder of Cause+Medic a consciously crafted CBD luxury wellness product line that he created to help relieve his mother’s legs spasms that she was experiencing from Multiple Sclerosis. And he co-founded Clean Republic, an EPA certified disinfectant that harnesses the power of nature and technology into cleaning products. That’s in addition to owning his own spa in Bueno Vista, CO, his pursuits as a jazz guitarist, and at one point – working as an accountant. 


A true Renaissance Man who defies easy labels, Hugh’s life and career journey have been a series of taking risks, listening to his unique internal voice as an entrepreneur, and not being afraid to fail. His success, according to Hugh, is based upon his ability to keep an open heart; say yes and seize the unplanned and unexpected events that always appear in our lives; and be humble enough to ask people for help for guidance. As for that failure thing, Hugh believes we shouldn’t fear it because it is inevitable in business (and in life). And more than a source of embarrassment or regret, he views failure as a tool for learning. He says, “Everybody questions everything when you start a business. You’re going to get questioned and you’re going to fail. But the failure’s good because you’re going to keep learning.”


The lines between his life and his career blur and inform one another. And that authentic integration has led to his seemingly quick accomplishments in crowded and competitive industries like the spa industry, pesticides and now disinfectants. How has managed to carve out this unique and potentially surprising space for himself? Hugh says, “I think people appreciate when they can tell that you’re being genuine, putting yourself out there even if it’s not the status quo.”

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