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September 15th, 2023

RV with a EV! WHAT?!?!

  1. RV with a EV! WHAT?!?! AdventuRetired 42:12

Today we meet Leanne and Jonathan Paetz and boy do they have a Retirement adventure to tell us all!  Curt and I are lucky to call these folks friends! Leanne and I (Cindy) have been friends since kindergarten ( Go Great Danes)! Leanne is also an excellent graphic artist that created our logo and for that we are so thankful.  But, back to the episode, this couple have started their Retirement adventuring with a big WOW!  A Tesla pulling an Airstream???? What?!?!? Listen to find out more!

We are Curt and Cindy Liljedahl and we love our retirement.  As retired  public school teachers with a combined total of 60 years in the classroom, we feel blessed to have  retired from jobs we loved at the age of 54.  Now on to other Adventures!

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