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Women Reworked

Author: Heather Resnick

Reviewed By: Patti Trapp

Women Reworked &Raquo; 49 Bbook Photo

Women Reworked will be a powerful weapon in any woman’s survival arsenal. Although written specifically for women having to remake themselves to succeed in an ever changing workplace, Women Reworked could be used by any women needing to rebuild her sense of self-confidence and self- esteem.

Within these pages are stories to encourage and promote fresh thinking, blueprints for survival, and roadmaps for those in challenging situations. It is an easy read, well researched and documented, and well worth the time invested to read.

Written with an international view; the principles and ideas contained in Women Reworked can be applied no matter what area or country you hale from. This is a book you’ll want to share with all of your women friends, regardless of their stage in life, as Heather’s part motivational, part career search and guide, may be just what they need empowering them to initiate a much desired, fresh start.

Originally Published on NABBW.com

Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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