Author: Arielle Marie

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Sophia Loren once said that “Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.” The quote is featured in Arielle Marie’s uplifting little book, Red Hot Revolution. There are many more inspirational words found on the pages of this pocket-size “gift.” Written in honor of her mother who died from ovarian cancer, Marie hopes to inspire Baby Boomer Women to use their brave and passionate voices; to not fall silent as they head into their later years. The author will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book to cancer research.

A “red hot revolution” can take place anywhere or anyhow you’d like; being open to change and growth is the key for taking control of who you are in the second half of your life, and that is only possible when you make a conscious effort to do so. Joan Baez said, “You don’t get to chose how you are going to die—or when. You can only decide how you are going to live now.” I think we know this, but how often do we act on it? How often do we sit by waiting for something to happen that will bring our dreams closer to us? It is the hope of author, Arielle Marie, that we do not settle into a passionless life as we grow older, but instead search for the energy-boosting people, places and circumstances that will fuel us to make the most of each day we are given.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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