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May 14th, 2024

586. "Sometimes You Show Up and Shut Up": Navigating Hospital Chaplaincy with Christine Davies

  1. 586. "Sometimes You Show Up and Shut Up": Navigating Hospital Chaplaincy with Christine Davies Darian Parker 42:33

The Rev. Christine Vaughan Davies runs the hospital chaplaincy department at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. She is an ordained Presbyterian Minister, a Certified Educator with the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, a Seminary Professor and a trained Spiritual Director. She earned her Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Master of Social Work degree from Rutgers University.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction to Christine Davies: A Unique Reverend

00:12 The Appeal of Irreverence in Ministry

00:54 Balancing Clergy Duties and Authenticity

04:53 The Journey to Hospital Chaplaincy

09:16 Exploring Spirituality and Religion in Modern Times

14:00 The Role and Impact of Hospital Chaplaincy

15:42 Navigating Emotional Challenges in Chaplaincy

18:29 Gender Dynamics in Hospital Chaplaincy

22:19 Breaking Barriers in Religious Leadership

22:51 The Importance of Representation and Diversity

23:40 Addressing Misconceptions and Challenges in Religion

25:15 Navigating Personal Beliefs and Spiritual Direction

26:34 Exploring the Human Quest for Spirituality

31:00 Expanding the Definition of Sacred Spaces

32:45 The Role of Flexibility in Spiritual and Physical Wellness

35:39 Confronting Change and Loss in Spiritual Care

37:47 The Hardest Moments in Chaplaincy

39:36 Creating Spaces for Healing and Understanding

41:41 Connecting with Christine Davies

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Darian Parker Dr. D's Social Network

Dr. Darian Parker earned his Ph.D in Sports Education Leadership with an emphasis in Behavior Modification from UNLV. He earned his Master and Bachelor degrees from James Madison University in Kinesiology. Dr. Parker is the Co-Owner of Epic Leisure Management LLC., the Owner of Parker Personal Training LLC and the Host of Dr. D's Social Network Podcast. Dr. Parker is a certified personal trainer through the NSCA. During Dr. Parker's career he has served several roles in the fitness and wellness industry. He has worked extensively in both the academic and private club sector as a Director of Education for a Career College, General Manager of a high end luxury residential fitness club and National Director of Fitness for a global leisure management company.

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