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More Beautiful, CD and DVD

Author: Music for the Soul

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

More Beautiful, Cd And Dvd &Raquo; 115 Bbook Photo

To the battered in spirit, mind and body comes More Beautiful, a gift to help with healing. The CD/DVD set is being offered by Music for the Soul, an organization developed to offer emotional support to those struggling through life’s hardships; More Beautiful is specifically for those waging a war against breast cancer.

The message of hope is clear; it combines with the acknowledgment that the road is tough but that its navigation is possible to ensure success. For the loved ones of those suffering through breast cancer, it offers an increased understanding of what the battle entails; an appreciation for the strength needed to overcome. Support flows through softly-spoken words of encouragement, tender notes that soothe, and visual reminders of the health and wholeness that awaits the breast cancer survivor and her family. Delicate and poignant, it affirms our lives of beauty; lives that are rich and blessed in ways we tend to take for granted. More Beautiful helps us to enfold in our hearts the elements of who we are…women of magnificence and strength.

Originally Published on NABBW.com

Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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