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Who are your Aging Role Models?

When I think about my grandparents, they always seemed old to me. They were certainly not “cool.” They dressed modestly, which is a nice way of saying, they dressed old.

They were kind to me. We did spend quite a bit of time with my paternal grandparents. My mother’s parents were not close by and my maternal grandmother died before I got to know her.

When I think about aging, I do not think that I want to be like my grandparents.

My parents were positive role models for aging, which is probably where I get a lot of my perspective from.

My mother started college in her 50’s and graduated with a Ph.D. in her 60’s! She practiced marriage and family therapy into her 70’s.

My father had always been an entrepreneur and sold all of his businesses when he was in his late 40’s. He thought he was going to retire to the mountains of NC. He couldn’t stay down long and was soon lecturing at Retirement communities in Fl about healthy aging.

As of today, my mother and my step-father, Don, are 93-years-old. They have certainly slowed down. BUT, they still go to the gym. They read a lot. Don still bakes sour dough bread probably once a week. They stay as active as they are able. They are positive role models for me.

There is also a 93-year-old woman who dances downtown during the summer when the streets close and there is live music. She comes with her friend and her friend’s son drives them there.

I want to still be dancing when I am 93.

I want to be able to do some things at the gym when I am 93.

I hope my mind is still sharp enough to read, have interesting conversations and maybe even continue to do some writing when I am 93.

Who are some of your Aging Role Models?

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