Have you thought about being THE HOUSE that everyone loves to talk about once Halloween decorations start going up?  Do you get tired of seeing the same spooky decor at every other house?  You will love these very easy yet unique DIY Yard Witches and all of your neighbors will too!

There are some different ways you can create these spooky little gals, but using a tomato cage has to be the easiest.  Don’t have any tomato cages?  Don’t worry…read on and I will give you some other easy suggestions as well!

Items Needed for DIY Yard Witches ~

Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Yard Witches In Production With Materials Needed

  • Tomato Cages (we used 4)
  • Styrofoam Heads (4)
  • Black Plastic Tablecloths
  • Large Black Trashbags (optional)
  • Black Tulle Material (4 yards per witch)
  • Witch Hats (4)
  • Black String or Yarn (or other item to tie with)
  • Yard Staples or Stakes
Below are some links if you have a hard time finding some of the items in your local store:


Yard Staples or Stakes can be found here ~


Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; 51Guuobrqrl. Ac


Styrofoam Heads can be found here!
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Plastic Witch Hats can be found here!

Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Q? Encoding=Utf8&Marketplace=Us&Asin=B07Yz1S8Jj&Serviceversion=20070822&Id=Asinimage&Ws=1&Format= Sl110 &Tag=Mimiblog20 20

Black Plastic Tablecloths can be found here!

Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Q? Encoding=Utf8&Marketplace=Us&Asin=B009Glivu0&Serviceversion=20070822&Id=Asinimage&Ws=1&Format= Sl110 &Tag=Mimiblog20 20

Some of these items are not pictured in the photo above!

Instructions ~

Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Yard Witches 2 Holding Hands

  1. Turn tomato cage upside down with prongs at the top.
  2. Rip large black trash bag down the seam and then place on top of prongs (so that it hangs to the right and left side of the cage to be used as the arms).  Pull the prongs of cage together and place styrofoam head over the prongs and trash bag (to secure the arms).                                                                                                                                                                                   Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Yard Witches In Production With Trash Bag Over Tomato Cage
  3. Cover head and tomato cage with black plastic tablecloth.  We placed the long ends to the front and back of the witch so the tomato cage is not visible from the front.                                                                                                     Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Yard Witches In Production With Plastic Table Cloth
  4. Place tulle over the tablecloth so that it is even all around.                                                                        Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Yard Witches In Production With Material Draped
  5. Tie off at the neck of the syrofoam head.                                                                                                               Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Yard Witches In Production Before Hat
  6. Place hat firmly on top of head.                                                                                                                                             Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Yard Witches Completed 1
  7. Make other witches and then place side by side, a distance a part, in desired area of yard.  Pull the trash bags out a bit to tie “hands” of each witch together.
  8. Push yard staples at base of tomato cages to secure in the ground.

Alternate Ways to Make DIY Yard Witches ~

If you do not have any tomato cages and cannot purchase any at this point in the stores, don’t worry!  Thick yard stakes or poles can also be used.  Of course, the directions are a bit different, but the end result is the same.  We make yard ghosts every year and we use yard stakes to create these.

If you don’t have tomato cages try this ~

If the ground is dry, you will need to use a mallet or hammer to pound the stake firmly into the ground.  It is important that they are at least 2 to 3 inches in the ground for stability.  You can then follow the steps above to create the witch.

If you don’t have styrofoam heads try this ~

I actually use this method for my ghosts so that I can make fatter heads.  Take a plastic grocery sack and fill it with other grocery sacks, crumbled newspapers, Packing plastic or bubble wrap.  Continue stuffing until you get the desired size for the head.  Carefully place the filled bag upside down over the yard stake, pinching it closed until you can get it tied off.

After securing the plastic bag head to the stake, follow the steps above to complete your witches.

Yard Ghosts ~

As mentioned earlier, we make ghosts at our house and they are truly looked forward to every year.  Different families come down and take pictures in front of them…they make a great photo opportunity!  If you choose to make ghosts instead or along with the witches, you will need white flat bed sheets.  These can be hard to find, so you will need to plan ahead.

At the end of the month, I take these down, wash the sheets and pack away all of the materials for the next year.  You may need to darken the faces again with a black sharpie each year, but it will help them last much longer.  Believe me, it is well worth the step to clean and pack away.  Here is a link to a more detailed post of how to make your own yard ghosts!

Brad made a campfire last year to add to our ghost scene.  It has been a very fun addition!

Diy Yard Witches &Raquo; Yard Ghosts 2

Happy October and Happy Halloween 👻to you all!  I hope your month is “spooktacular!”



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