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Shelly Latinovich

Southern Girls Always Survive ~ A Book Review &Raquo; 41Pavmnaytl. Sl500

Southern Girls Always Survive ~ A Book Review

Southern Girls Always Survive was sent to me to read and provide my honest review.  Thank you to Self-Publishing Services for entrusting me with this opportunity.  I enjoyed this debut novel by Rocky and Mary Kennedy Yost and am providing my book review below. CHARACTERS IN SOUTHERN GRILS ALWAYS SURVIVE~ Cecelia “Hilly” Garland – protagonist, […]

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Unique Diy Mother’s Day Planter &Raquo; 815Tnknneos. Ac Sy355

Unique DIY Mother’s Day Planter

Do you find yourself looking for something new and different for mom each year when Mother’s Day rolls around?  Me too!  Let’s face it….you know mom will be happy with whatever you gift her, but sometimes you just need that something that’s a little extra.  The good thing is, I think I have hit the […]

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Easy Diy Easter Crafts &Raquo; Easy Diy Easter Crafts Carrot Bunnies 213X300 1

Easy DIY Easter Crafts

Ok….so Easter is nearing….your are hosting….and you haven’t planned everything yet!  There is still time to create these awesome and very easy DIY Easter crafts.  Whether you try all three of them or concentrate on one, they are sure to spruce up your Easter tablescapes or home decor! Maybe you aren’t hosting….but you want to […]

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Upcycled Tin Can Planters &Raquo; 41Qrmhuar3L. Sl500

Upcycled Tin Can Planters

Spring is around the corner and that means it is time to start thinking about outdoor decor and flowers!  Every year I always feel like I need to buy new things to spruce up the yard.  This year, I am working on doing some DIY and upcycling things that we already have around the house.  […]

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The Women By Kristin Hannah ~ A Book Review &Raquo; 5112Eiqm9Pl. Sl500

The Women by Kristin Hannah ~ A Book Review

I never excelled in history….I just wasn’t that person that enjoyed the subject much.  Maybe this is why I enjoy historical fiction so much now…to catch up on everything I missed in a “story-like” fashion vs. just memorizing the facts.  Kristin Hannah stated in her interview that she wanted to wait until she was a […]

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Diy Valentine Rag Wreath Heart &Raquo; Pointdowngif

DIY Valentine Rag Wreath Heart

Whether you are looking for an easy DIY Valentine craft or an everyday heart decor item, this DIY Valentine Rag Wreath Heart is perfect!  Changing the color scheme from colorful to neutral can easily make this a beautiful decorative piece for holiday or everyday.  What’s even better is that it is so easy to make […]

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Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah ~ A Book Review

Everyone finds themselves in a tumultous relationship at some point in their life…whether with friend, family or spouse.  However, not feeling love from a parent has to top the list of most painful.  A child is constantly trying to gain affection from a parent…sometimes even when they themselves are now an adult.  Dive into this […]

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The Measure By Nikki Erlick – Book Review &Raquo; Hol1023 Reveal 02

The Measure by Nikki Erlick – Book Review

Ahhhh….the age old question that sparks conversation all around the world…What would you do?  Author Nikki Erlick presents a very thought provoking scenario for this very question.  On an otherwise normal day, all around the world, every person aged 22 and above receives a little box at their house/dwelling/etc.  Each one looks the same and […]

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Diy Christmas Tree String Art &Raquo; Christmas Tree String Art Boards Painted And Stained

DIY Christmas Tree String Art

It’s that time of the month again…the wonderful time that I share a sustainable craft that I have made AND also share with you several other ladies’ crafts as well!  It’s a bonus post that is filled with wonderful ideas…and the theme for November is Christmas!  I have been very intrigued by string art lately […]

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Diy Bubbling Cauldron &Raquo; Diy Bubbling Cauldron Supplies Needed

DIY Bubbling Cauldron

Chances are you already have several items laying around that can be used for a DIY Bubbling Cauldron.  Whether it is a plastic Halloween cauldron you have purchased or you have a fun bucket of some sort that can be converted to one.  With a few supplies, you can easily convert it to a spooky […]

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