Peloton Tread Plus Recall Picture_0I hope keeping up with recalls is one of the items on your “good consumer” list.

On May 5, 2021, the Peloton Tread+ treadmill was recalled because incidents associated with pull under and entrapment in the rear of the treadmills, and the Peloton Tread was recalled because the console on the Tread could detach and fall, posing a risk of injury to consumers.

Why are the Peloton recalls back in the news again?

Peloton Interactive Inc. has agreed to pay a $19 million dollar civil penalty to resolve charges that it failed to immediately report to a federal safety agency that its Tread+ treadmill contained a defect that could create a hazard and a risk of serious injury to consumers, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC said Thursday. The civil penalty also settles charges that Peloton knowingly distributed recalled treadmills. 

Beginning in December 2018 and into 2019, Peloton received reports of incidents associated with pull under and entrapment in the rear of the Tread+ treadmill, including reports of injuries. Despite having this information, Peloton didn’t immediately report to the CPSC as required by law. By the time Peloton filed a report with the agency there were more than 150 reports of people, pets, and/or objects being pulled under the rear of the Tread+ treadmill, including the death of a child .and 13 injuries, including broken bones, lacerations, abrasions, and friction burns.

The CPSC also charged that after the announcement of the recall, Peloton distributed 38 recalled Tread+ treadmills using Peloton personnel and through third-party delivery firms.

In addition to the civil penalty, the settlement requires Peloton to maintain a compliance program and internal procedures to ensure compliance with safety laws and to file annual reports.

The CPSC was created in 1972. It’s work is so important. In the draft book on my journalism career, I describe how, as a reporter, I received news releases in the mail about recalls in the days before the internet. One was on a faulty garage light that was killing people. Upon investigation, I found one in our garage.

So, keep up on recalls. Check weekly to see if any of the products you’re using are on the various recall lists. 


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