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Rita Robinson

How to get fair insurance treatment after Hurricane Idalia

With climate change creating more storms and natural disasters, insurance companies are facing unprecedented claims. They’re reacting with raising prices and refusing to offer coverage in some areas of high storm activities. Policyholders are entitled to receive their claims payments under the terms of their insurance policies, and insurers shouldn’t delay or mistreat consumers. Many […]

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9/11 is a good time to contemplate where we are in America

It’s a difficult day for me – 9/11. My niece, whose birthday was Sept. 11, died suddenly in 2020 just months before her 60th birthday. Also heartbreaking, remembering the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 on the America I love. So, my thoughts are on our nation today. My grandfather, Peter R. Slingsby, immigrated to the […]

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California legislature passes bill that will ban 26 chemicals in cosmetics linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and birth defects

A bill banning the sale of cosmetic products that contain 26 toxic chemicals known to affect human health passed the California State Legislature Wednesday. Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign it. The law would ban hazardous substances such as some borate compounds, lily aldehyde, cyclotetrasiloxane, trichloroacetic acid, styrene, and certain colors. “Personal care products […]

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How’s your garden doing?

For vegetable gardeners, August and September are when harvest occurs and you see the fruits, or rather the vegetables, of your labors. The star of my gardening efforts this year is the raspberries. Years ago at my local co-op, I bought a pot of raspberries, one of my favorite foods. It grew into this wonderful […]

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Best wishes on Labor Day

Whether you’re celebrating at a picnic, barbecue, rally, football game, or work, happy Labor Day. Sunday I went to our local Olympia Harbor Days celebration that’s always scheduled for Labor Day weekend. It was cloudy, so my photos aren’t as good as the years where there’s nice blue sky. Thankfully, we had only a sprinkle […]

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Facts And Figures For Labor Day 2023 &Raquo; 2023 Labor Day By The Numbers V9

Facts and figures for Labor Day 2023

Labor Day these days is all about beaches, barbecues, games such as baseball, football, and volleyball, and shopping. It’s also a great weekend for travel. This year, 57 percent of Americans plan to travel for Labor Day weekend, more than 150 million will enjoy a barbecue or picnic, and thousands will attend a college football […]

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