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Dementia Prevention Advice for the Next President

8 expert brain tips for our older presidential candidates.

Mitchell Clionsky Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist

Mitchell Clionsky, Ph.D., ABPP-CN is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist licensed in Massachusetts and Connecticut. He specializes in the assessment and management of memory disorders (dementias) and other neurological diseases, mild traumatic brain injury, and ADHD. He performs nearly 1000 such evaluations every year. Over the course of 45 years in practice, he has treated more than 30,000 patients. In addition to caring for patients and their families, Dr. Clionsky is a forensic expert in the areas of dementia, traumatic brain injury, and neuropsychological testing.

He and his wife, Emily Clionsky, MD, an internal medicine doctor and psychiatrist, are the authors of Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain (Johns Hopkins Press, 2023).

In addition, they have developed and published the Memory Orientation Screening Test (MOST®), a 5-minute screening test for dementia and the Accident Concussion Scale (ACS), a brief measure for concussion identification.

For more information on the Drs. Clionsky, the MOST™ and Clionsky Neuro Systems, Inc. go to

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