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We were joined by Michelle Young Doers to discuss her book, Killing for Profit: The Dark Side of Hospice.  Michelle is a respiratory therapist who served for 5 years on the ethics committees of 4 major hospitals, she was a clinical instructor, and she worked on the front lines of health care during the SARS outbreak and the swine flu outbreak.  In her work, she has played an important role in the living and/or dying of patients with prolonged illnesses and decisions about hospice. The point of her book is not to say that all hospice is bad.  In fact, the concept of hospice is great. But, Michelle discussed the big business of hospice, how this has affected the way that hospice is pushed on families for their loved ones, and how to prepare yourself for such a huge decision without being marketed to and manipulated. 

Find out more about the book, purchase it, and find out when her next book about hospital experiences right here:  TheBreathingGirl.comAnd the book is also available on Amazon!  You can contact Michelle directly at thebreathinggirl@gmail.com.

February 11, 2024: Michelle Young Doers On Her Book, “Killing For Profit: The Dark Side Of Hospice” &Raquo; Michelle Young Doers 266X300 1

Michelle Young Doers


And you can read Dr. Mara’s blog, Ageism in Healthcare, about her personal experience with the pressure and manipulation part of the hospice equation, right HERE!

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