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When what flows through you bountifully quenches your every need, permeating each cell of your body till you feel whole, present, alive and can simply say: I AM.
When once it has filled and fulfilled, saturated you with goodness, it continues flowing generously out of your being to all those around you in your physical world but also digital and beyond….
Filling the cup of those around you, infusing them with light, with love, with lightness till they too feel whole and complete and grounded in the now. No fear, no regret, just the supreme gift and joy of being…
And the flow never ceases, purifying, cleansing, streaming from one being to another, connecting us in our togetherness as human beings , as inhabitants of planet earth, without rivalry, or fear of scarcity, each one of us embracing our limitless being, living our lives each day anew, with purpose, with no other mission than becoming each day a better version of ourselves.
That for me is Abundance.
What about you?

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Originally British, brought up in France and currently living in the Netherlands after having worked and lived in various countries around the world, I am passionate about helping my clients be heard. I call myself a 'Projector' as I enhance and boost their message, to themselves via coaching and to others via also improvements to their English content via writing, editing and translating (from Dutch and French into English). I host " Fabulous after Fifty" a podcast and YouTube channel dedicated to helping my listeners make the most of these years ahead, changing what needs to be changed and embracing the rest. If not now, when? The world is ours, time to shine, live to our full capacity while making the world a better place, one person at a time.

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