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Is Carbonated Water Good for Kids?

Generally speaking, carbonated water refers to bubbly water. A variety knows it of names like
seltzer, soda, sudsy sparkling water, fizzy water, and even water that contains gas. It is sold in
cans, bottles, or bottles or at home using a seltzer machine. It is also referred to as a soda
Different carbonated waters exhibit different levels of enthusiasm. They can be plain or filled
with a range of flavors and salt (sodium) or other minerals. Certain bubbly water drinks contain
caffeine or additional energy- or nutritionally-boosting ingredients.
Types of Carbonated Water
There are four kinds of carbonated water, according to Reed. This includes:
 Club soda is water that is carbonated using carbon dioxide gas (C02) and contains
sodium and added minerals.
 Seltzer Water Seltzer is water that has added carbonation. However, it does not contain
any minerals. Flavors such as vegetables, fruits, or herbs are typically added.
 Drinking mineral water The carbonation that occurs in mineral water originates from a
naturally formed wellspring. The type of water that is carbonated also has minerals like
magnesium, sodium, and calcium. Sometimes, the carbonation process is used to
enhance the volume of bubbles.
 Tonic Water Tonic is carbonated water with minerals, such as sodium. Quinine, which
comes from the cinchona tree, is as well. Quinine is bitter in flavor, and sugar is used to
neutralize the taste.
The Benefits of Carbonated Water

  1. Helps You to Feel Full
    Carbonated water may help to be satisfied after a meal due to the release due to natural gas.
    Be sure to be drinking it right after eating.
  2. Helps Improve Swallowing
    Carbonated water aids in improving eating. Carbonated water stimulates muscles and nerves
    that help swallow.
  3. Relieves Constipation
    Carbonated water can help relieve constipation.
  4. Prevents Heart Disease

A few studies suggest that sparkling water high in sodium may reduce your risk
for cardiovascular disease. For instance, a survey conducted with postmenopausal women
showed that sparkling water raised HDL levels and decreased LDLs.
Side Effects of Carbonated Drinks: Belching and Heartburn
Carbonated beverages are a source of carbon dioxide that is dissolved and transformed into a
gas once it reaches the stomach’s temperature. Consuming carbonated soft drinks can result in
frequent vomiting because your stomach is stretched from the buildup of carbon dioxide gases.
The stomach acid and food you eat could get into your food pipes when you drink, causing
stomach pain and a bitter taste in your mouth.

  1. Increased Risk of Obesity
    Consuming carbonated and sugar-sweetened drinks adds energy to the diet, increasing the risk
    of weight gain and being overweight. Obesity and overweight are important risk factors for an
    increase in the risk of developing Type 2 heart disease, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.
  2. Poor Nutrition
    Consuming carbonated soft drinks could negatively impact your overall nutrient consumption.
    These drinks could decrease your protein intake, starch, dietary fiber, vitamin B-2, and
    riboflavin. Carbonated drinks drinkers also tend to consume less fruit and drink less juice as
    compared to people who don’t drink sodas.
  3. Reduced Bone Strength
    If you’re a female, drinking cola-type alcohol that is carbonated could weaken the strength of
    your bones. The authors state that the level of bone weakness is related to the quantity of cola
    Do Children Need To Drink Carbonated Water?
    American kids consume over 30 gallons of soda and other sugary drinks per the State of
    Childhood Obesity. These drinks have increased the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and
    dental cavities. Carbonated water might seem ideal for children, but is it healthy? It depends on
    whom you are asking. For instance, a research study found that sparkling water may cause
    tooth enamel to be damaged. Carbonated water that isn’t flavored with citrus-flavored versions
    doesn’t harm the health of your mouth.
    Another reason to be concerned is that phosphoric acids, a substance added to carbonated
    drinks, can adversely affect the development of bones in children. But pure carbonated water
    does not contain the essence of a registered dietitian nutritionist. Other drinks, like soft drinks
    or citrus juices, are much more harmful to your teeth due to their acidity and sugar levels.

Carbonated water can cause gas and bloat. However, these problems are more likely for those
suffering from digestive issues. Both drinks are equally hydrating, and both support nutritional
health. Studying the nutrition label and selecting one that doesn’t contain added sugars or
sweeteners made from artificial sources is essential.
In the end, you are the only one who can decide the best time (or should you choose) it is
appropriate to add carbonated drinks to your child’s diet. The small quantities of water served
at times that don’t substitute for milk or water are unlikely to cause nutritional or health issues.
However, remember that drinking these drinks throughout the day has the possibility of more
severe health issues. Drinking too much can cause dental decay, stomach upset, and poor
eating habits.

Originally Published on https://grampsjeffrey.com/

Gramps Jeffrey’s children’s book, I Don’t Want to Turn 3, explores what goes through a toddler’s mind that parents are so desperate to understand. It is based on the true experiences he has had with his 6 grandchildren that were born 2 each to his 3 Millennial daughters.

Gramps Jeffrey is the pen name for Marc Joseph whose first book The Secrets of Retailing…How to Beat Wal-Mart was written to help entrepreneurs and small businesses compete against the big guys. Arianna Huffington read his book and asked him to contribute to the Huffington Post. He has written over 100 articles about small businesses, education, the homeless and several other nonprofit topics dear to all of us.

Gramps and his lovely wife Cathy live in Scottsdale, Arizona where 2 of his grandchildren live. 2 more live in Austin, Texas and 2 in Orlando, Florida.

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