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Springtime Tocsins

Springtime Tocsins &Raquo; Ai Gifer LutAI Spellcheck

Wait, wait… I didn’t use ChatGPT or Google’s BARD to “genAIrate” this post.

I promise. And, I didn’t misspell Tocsins in this posted title.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pretty neat for many applications, and I am a cheerleader for things that serve society. Yet, it will be many moons before a down-aging AI application is ready for you or me.  So here we go with my run-of-the-mill intelligence warnings.


As I’m not an English Ph.D. or a cunning linguist, I can’t say for certain that Tocsins and Toxins are homonyms or homophones. Words can be fun and frustrating. Not so here, neither tocsins nor toxins are fun. Frustrating? Yes. Fun? No way, Jose.

I emphatically stop strangers to share that we need tocsins – that means warning bells or alarms – to address America’s clear and present danger of poor health and fitness.

Numero Uno

How’s this for a first tocsin?  A top cause of cancer is the American Diet and lifestyle.  That’s right, the American Cancer Society states that “at least 18% of cancer deaths 18% of all cancers and about 16% of cancer deaths in the US are related to excess body weight, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption. ” And, cancers are just #3 for statistical morbidities in America today.

Tocsin #2, “Excess body weight is thought to be responsible for about 11% of cancers in women and about 5% of cancers in men in the United States. ”

Let us elevate to our top cause of mortality in the USA, Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD). A third tocsin rings with needs for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.

Here it is, also from the American Cancer Society: “Sitting time raises the risks of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer, as well as of dying at a younger age.”

I encourage you to consider TLCS for your loved ones and you with this NIH pamphlet. We do not need AI to appreciate life-or-death alarms for (1) clean eating, (2) physical activity, and (3)weight management – right?

Motion to sweat is very, very good therapy. What TLCs can you make this season?


Because you are reading this post, you likely survived the annual time changes to Daylight Savings Time.  [I envy readers who live in states that eschew twice-yearly time changes!]

Talk about a misleading phrase- daylight savings. Today is our first full day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere of this crazy planet. Today, the amount of daylight is just about equal to the diurnal amount of darkness – without government involvement or fancy phrases. I personally dislike this imposed “savings” as my early morning rows start in pitch black, and they end with just a wee bit of dawn approaching.  What am I – a vampire rower?

Springtime Tocsins &Raquo; Welcome Spring Gifer 2Fpd

I digressed from this seasonal chance to spring ahead and begin anew – like springtime flowers and bears leaving hibernation for more wonderful bear crawls. Pickleball courts may be calling.  Mother Earth is beckoning for you and me to grab natural Vitamin D and smell the flowers.

Some folks need a bit of motivation or mild to tough love to get started, despite the cheerier and brighter days north of the equator.

So here are some fundamentally fun bits of motivation and love to help ya:

  1. Grab a workout buddy to double the pleasure and share in mutual muscle soreness (DOMS)
  2. Do what you love, or want to learn to love
  3. Remember Tocsins for what can happen to you if you don’t make motion your medicine.

Tom Hanks reminds us to do the work.  I second that encore emotion so that you can die harder and later.

Should you need a Master Fitness Trainer’s motivation – please text WP40 to #41259 to opt-in for daily fitness tips.

Please reach out to me at Well Past Forty LLC – using this contact form

PS – as tomorrow marks the 26th (!) season of SouthPark,

I celebrate Stan Walsh’s AI humor from

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David Frost Master Fitness Trainer
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