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One New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep-Strengthen Your Muscles

You’ve heard the adage “use it or lose it”. It’s particularly apt in describing what happens as we age. Typically we move less, lose muscle strength, and suffer the consequences of losing independence, have greater fall risk and other undesirable things. At the beginning of each year, people commonly make New Year’s resolutions to lose […]

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Why You Need A Book On Senior Moments &Raquo; Dsc3090 Stan Goldberg By Tim Marsolais

Why You Need a Book on Senior Moments

Everyone over the age of 50 has had them–senior moments. Events you would prefer to forget. But you can’t. You are worried that new ones will embarrass you or be hurtful. Even more frightening is that you don’t know if you should laugh at them or make an appointment with a neurologist. Finally, a definitive […]

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Senior Moments: 1. Myths And Facts &Raquo; Dsc3090 Stan Goldberg By Tim Marsolais

Senior Moments: 1. Myths and Facts

This is the first of an article series on senior moments abstracted from my book, Preventing Senior Moments: How to Stay Sharp Into Your Nineties and Beyond. Everyone has said or done something they immediately regretted, like forgetting the name of a granddaughter, misusing a common word, making a bizarre connection between events, or forgetting […]

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One Thing For Aging Parents That’s Cheaper Now

Most of us probably know someone who can’t hear very well and doesn’t use hearing aids. It can be frustrating trying to have a conversation with that person. particularly in a group setting, like a dinner table or in a restaurant. They say “what?” and you repeat, but they still don’t hear you much. Can […]

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Racial Disparities Exist in Long-term Care

The types of long-term care located in various communities are largely driven by what their oldest residents can afford. This has created stark differences in what’s available to White and minority retirees, a new study finds. Assisted living facilities, despite the high cost, have been the fastest-growing part of the long-term care industry over the […]

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Post-COVID, View of Nursing Homes Erodes

COVID has moved from a central place in our lives to a risk that, while still important to heed, has moved out of the foreground. One thing we will not forget, however, is COVID’s toll on nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, where the virus has killed more than 200,000 older Americans and staff. […]

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