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Dr. Jill Bjerke

Why Remain In Your Home As You Age?

Why remain in your own home as you age? Continuing to live in your own home is arguably one of the most important challenges older persons face as they age. The graph below clarifies how older adults conceptualize home through age-related lifestyle changes. Anchoring self Enabling freedom Being comfortable Staying in touch Longevity of residence […]

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Boomerang Adults And Alternative Dwelling Units &Raquo; Corrected Feb Image.ppt

Boomerang Adults and Alternative Dwelling Units

How are they connected? As the Baby Boomer generation ages, it becomes more and more evident that appropriate, accessible housing stock that fits the needs of the older adult is shrinking – rapidly.  There is and never will be one solution – but that is a good thing because not all older adults have the […]

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September 18-24, 2022 Is National Falls Prevention Week! &Raquo; Trip Fall National Stats


This is a nationwide effort to raise awareness that falls ARE preventable. These national trip and fall statistics are startling.  And what is even more jarring is that most of these are preventable!  There are many ways of reducing the risk of trips and falls in a home and using the Silver Spaces Home Safety […]

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Healthy Vision/Older American’s Month &Raquo; Hall

Healthy Vision/Older American’s Month

Dr. Jill M. Bjerke, May 2022 happens to not only be Healthy Vision Month, but also celebrates Older Americans Month.  The Administration for Community Living (ACL) “will be focusing on aging in place – how older adults can plan to stay in their homes and live independently in their communities for as long as […]

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Stuff, Stuff And More Stuff! &Raquo; Clutter Cutter Download Cartoon Resized E1649799175974

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff!

Dr. Jill M. Bjerke Everywhere you look in your home there is stuff.  When Richard Eisenberg, who at the time was the Money & Word Editor for,  released an article aptly titled, “Sorry, Nobody Wants Your Parents’ Stuff,”  predictably his article garnered a huge response.  He published many of them in his follow-up […]

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The Loss Of 3G – How Will It Affect You? &Raquo; Pers 2.2022Jpg


Dr. Jill M. Bjerke Silver Spaces, LLC March, 2022 The dates are now approaching when the faster 5G wireless service will start to be introduced worldwide. The result of this is that the earlier generation of 3G will be winding down and eventually eliminated. This presents serious consequences for certain products that still use the […]

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September Is Trip And Fall Prevention Month! &Raquo; Woman Tripping On Carpet Blog 9.2021

September is Trip and Fall Prevention Month!

Learn Important Information About Trips and Falls September is National Fall Prevention Month.  So the spotlight now is recognizing the cause of these injuries and how to reduce the incidence of occurrence.  One of the most devastating and costly injuries an older adult can incur is a trip or a fall.  The consequences can be […]

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What You Never Knew About Grab Bars! &Raquo; S Shaped Grab Bars2

What you never knew about grab bars!

Grab bars.  Two simple words that one may assume describes a common solution to stabilizing a body position movement.  While that is still true, the solutions to that stability have drastically changed in the last decade. What I find interesting is how little most people actually know about the “realm” of grab bars.  For instance, […]

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Ageism: It Affects All Of Us &Raquo; Old Vs Young 10 24 16

Ageism: It Affects All Of Us

In 1900, 1 in 25 Americans was a senior. In 2016, 1 in 8 Americans is a senior. In 2020, 1 in 6 Americans will be a senior. In 2030, the ratio will reach 1 in 5 and will remain there through 2050. Globally 8.5 percent of people worldwide (617 million) are aged 65 and over. […]

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