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California legislature passes bill that will ban 26 chemicals in cosmetics linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and birth defects

A bill banning the sale of cosmetic products that contain 26 toxic chemicals known to affect human health passed the California State Legislature Wednesday. Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign it. The law would ban hazardous substances such as some borate compounds, lily aldehyde, cyclotetrasiloxane, trichloroacetic acid, styrene, and certain colors. “Personal care products […]

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Facts And Figures For Labor Day 2023 &Raquo; 2023 Labor Day By The Numbers V9

Facts and figures for Labor Day 2023

Labor Day these days is all about beaches, barbecues, games such as baseball, football, and volleyball, and shopping. It’s also a great weekend for travel. This year, 57 percent of Americans plan to travel for Labor Day weekend, more than 150 million will enjoy a barbecue or picnic, and thousands will attend a college football […]

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Roomster settles with FTC and six states for $1.6 million for tricking renters with fake reviews and unverified listings

When searching for a place to live and roommates, it’s important to get accurate information. And reviews from platforms that can help you in your search need to be honest and trustworthy. But according to the Federal Trade Commission and six states suing Roomster and its owners, the room and roommate finder platform posted reviews […]

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Consumers don’t understand arbitration clauses in agreements and contracts that limit their right to go to court when they have a dispute, study shows

Most Americans don’t know how often they’re stripped of their rights through widely used forced arbitration clauses that are found in the fine print of everyday click-through agreements, terms and conditions, and other contracts, according to a new study. Arbitration clauses require consumers who have complaints to settle issues through arbitration rather than filing a […]

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Asked to pay for help with your student loans? Don’t do it.

If someone tells you that you need to pay to sign up for government student loan debt relief program, run away as fast as you can. Scammers want to hook you and fill their pockets with your money, while their “advice” may make your student loan problems worse. The Federal Trade Commission offers the following […]

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Experian to pay $650,000 for spamming consumers who signed up for accounts with marketing emails they couldn’t opt out of

It’s frustrating to receive dozens, even hundreds of emails every day. But what if there’s no “unsubscribe” link and the emails won’t stop? People who set up “Free Membership” accounts with Experian to manage access to their Experian credit report information online had that experience. The accounts let people “freeze” their credit to make it […]

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