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331 Are You Ready For Change?

  1. 331 Are You Ready For Change? Sarah Elkins 47:16

331 Are You Ready For Change?

Change is inevitable however it is up to you on how well you deal with that change and if your preconceived biases will influence you in the future.

In this episode Sarah Elkins and Divya Ramachandran discuss change, biases, and how important approaching change with curiosity.



  • Acknowledging the differences between yourself and others and approaching those differences with curiosity and kindness. 

  • Taking accountability for what has shaped you and learning to move forward in the best way possible. 

  • Being is the hardest thing to do, it’s okay to struggle but remember to take time to just be.

  • Learn from kids, enjoy the journey and just try to have fun. 



“You’ve got biases, we all do, and that’s okay but we’re not going to act on them in a way that’s unkind, we are going to be respectful, we’re going to be curious, we’re going to be open. Be conscious of your biases and choose your actions appropriately. And I think this is a conversation that we are struggling to have today, everyone is just struggling to call it out and say “Hey you’re different. You’re different from me, I notice and it’s okay for me to notice, But I’m not going to hold that against you.”

“Understanding what are some of those experiences, thoughts, beliefs that have really shaped us. And I say us because I got to do the work as much as they do.”


Dear Listeners it is now your turn,

Have you worked with a coach? Have you really understood what the expectations are, what your expectations are? Have you ever worked with someone you didn’t quite jive with and then you just gave up instead of finding somebody else that might have served you better in that relationship? I’m curious to hear your experiences and whether you were looking for an advisor or coach, were you clear internally about what you needed in that moment? And are you being fair to the coach or therapist that you’ve been working with? In terms of knowing that you’re ready to develop and self reflect and get to a different point in your life. Are you ready for change, because change can be very scary.

And, as always, thank you for listening. 


About Divya

Divya Ramachandran, Ph.D., P.C.C., is a distinguished leadership coach, transitioning from a successful career in tech to empowering leaders at tech startups. Born to South Asian immigrants in Salt Lake City, Utah, Divya navigated the complexities of identity and excellence from a young age. Her academic journey led her from computer engineering to a profound discovery at UC Berkeley, where she realized her passion for using technology to address human needs. This epiphany, coupled with a transformative experience in executive Coaching, redirected her path toward leadership Coaching. Divya specializes in guiding tech startup leaders, leveraging her expertise in energy awareness, cognitive behavioral Coaching, and emotional intelligence to foster trust, connection, and effective communication within teams. Her work focuses on helping leaders achieve clarity, resolve conflicts, and enhance productivity, fundamentally believing in the power of understanding oneself to lead others effectively.

Be sure to check out Divya’s LinkedIn! As well as her free guide “How To Do Hard Things: It’s About Clarity, Not Time.”!


About Sarah

“Uncovering the right stories for the right audiences so executives, leaders, public speakers, and job seekers can clearly and actively demonstrate their character, values, and vision.”

In my work with Coaching clients, I guide people to improve their communication using storytelling as the foundation of our work together. What I’ve realized over years of Coaching and podcasting is that the majority of people don’t realize the impact of the stories they share – on their internal messages, and on the people they’re sharing them with.

My work with leaders and people who aspire to be leaders follows a similar path to the interviews on my podcast, uncovering pivotal moments in their lives and learning how to share them to connect more authentically with others, to make their presentations and speaking more engaging, to reveal patterns that have kept them stuck or moved them forward, and to improve their relationships at work and at home.

The audiobook, Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will is now available!

Included with your purchase are two bonus tracks, songs recorded by Sarah’s band, Spare Change, in her living room in Montana.

Be sure to check out the Storytelling For Professionals Course as well to make sure you nail that next interview!

Sarah Elkins Chief Storymaker

Sarah Elkins brings her music, storytelling and many years in public service to the stage to engage and inspire her audience to think about how the stories they tell influence their identities and the perceptions of the people around them, and to take a deeper look in the mirror to experience the leader they were born to become.

She's a storyteller, keynote speaker, professional musician, author, and Gallup certified StrengthsFinder workplace communication coach. Her highly engaging, experiential presentations, workshops, and coaching packages with in-person and remote teams and their leaders are known to address and reduce miscommunication – the most common cause of tension and stress in the workplace.

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