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Ep. 45 Resourcing Your Energy with Shelley Smartly

  1. Ep. 45 Resourcing Your Energy with Shelley Smartly Louise Neil & Kim Romain 43:30

We often focus on how much time we have to complete things – tasks, projects, etc. However, most folks rarely address the question of how much energy they have to complete those same things.   Very often, time isn’t the hindrance. 

It’s energy.   

While we think we have an unlimited supply of energy, and in many ways, we do for as long as we’re alive, the reality is that if we’re not resourcing it appropriately for ourselves, we will quickly deplete what we do have. 

This can take the form of burnout and other maladies that keep us from being able to keep Moving forward.  

In this episode of Kickass Conversations, Kim and Louise are joined by Shelley Smartly of The Smartly Comedy TV & Podcast Series to talk about resourcing your energy.   You can learn more about Shelley and The Smartlys at

Show Highlights

  • What are you celebrating this week? (0:00)
  • Shelly’s Introduction and career path. (5:24)
  • The importance of having an optimistic outlook. (11:45)
  • The importance of having a growth mindset. (13:19)
  • Why pick the most challenging instead of the low hanging? (16:35)
  • Why laughter is so energizing. (20:37)
  • Finding the one thing that brings you energy. (25:27)
  • There is your CAPITAL P purpose and your small p purpose too. (31:03)
  • We can’t do the heavy work if we’re weighed down. (34:30)
  • Where to find the Smart lease? (38:13)

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