1. Mastering Small Business Finance: Insights From a Family Business to Financial Fortitude with Colin Sanburg Anika Jackson 42:16

Unlock the secrets of small business finance with our special guest, Colin Sanburg from FinElevate, as we delve into his incredible journey from a family business in distress to a fortress of financial expertise. Through candid conversations, Colin illuminates the importance of fiscal intelligence, a facet often veiled by the allure of entrepreneurship. With an MBA-centric approach, he seamlessly blends the essentials of bookkeeping with strategic oversight, arming small businesses with the tools to navigate the tumultuous seas of finance.

Embark on a voyage across the entrepreneurial landscape, from the rebirth of a waning establishment to the rise of a kitchen cabinet empire and an innovative airport conveyor system manufacturer in Dallas-Fort Worth. Discover how FinElevate's mission to fortify the financial backbone of startups inspired the creation of a holding company dedicated to overcoming the universal hurdles of small business ownership. Hear how authentic entrepreneurial friendships and masterminds can transform your approach to business, and how a balanced integration of work and family life can be achieved through flexibility and prioritization.

This episode culminates with a treasure trove of knowledge, offering insights into understanding and enhancing your business finances. We share practical tips on pricing strategies that emphasize the value of your expertise, ensuring profitability while catering to a mission-driven clientele. Our conversation also touches on the power of continuous learning and relationship-building for sustained success. For those ignited by the sparks of entrepreneurship and financial acumen, the details of Colin's enterprise and opportunities for collaboration can be found in our show notes, paving the way for your next venture. Join us next time for more wisdom from the front lines of business triumph.

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Anika Jackson Creative Strategist, Podcaster

Anika is a mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, marketing and communications strategist and podcast host. As a marcom executive, she has done it all including experiential marketing/ event production, launch marketing, public relations, digital, and influencer throughout her multiple decade career.

She is a member of the Quickbooks Small Business Council, as well as on the Advisory Board for the Women in Leadership program for UCSB’s PaCE; advisor for Junior League of Los Angeles’ 2022 – 2023 President; Co-founder and board member of Learn Grow Lead; and Ballona Wetlands Philanthropy Chair for National Charity League’s Pier Chapter.

In Anika’s newest role, she is an adjunct professor at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, teaching graduate students in both the Masters of Public Relations and Advertising as well as the Masters of Digital Media Management programs.