1. Why Can't We All Just Get To The Point? Jason Falls 34:21

Do you know what this show is about? If you said “influencer marketing,” you’re close, but not necessarily wrong. If you said “influence marketing” you’re more right. And if you said, the exploration of how brands can apply influence in all its shapes and forms, to aide it their marketing, you’re spot-on.

But if you weren’t spot-on, that’s my fault, not yours. It’s an example of my marketing and communications with you failing to deliver the point.

It’s an exercise in clarity. And Steve Woodruff is probably the person on the planet with the most expertise and focus on helping business, brands and leaders nail clarity. His new book is called The Point: How to win with clarify-fueled communications

It is a handy guide and reminder to its readers of how to get to the point and not allow your communications to get lost in translation. Or drown out by the sea of noise that is our media landscape. 

I asked Steve to come on the show to talk to us about getting to the point. Why do we have so much trouble doing so, even when we’re supposed to be professional communicators? What barriers are in our way to communicating effectively? And how can we as brands, or influencers and content creators, check our work to ensure that we are always, getting to the point?

We’ll ask him all those questions and more today on Winfluence.

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