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The Healing Power of Coaching for Doctors with Dr. Michael Hersh, MD and Dr. Arpita Gupta DePalma, MD

  1. The Healing Power of Coaching for Doctors with Dr. Michael Hersh, MD and Dr. Arpita Gupta DePalma, MD Dr. Sapna Shah-Haque MD 38:53

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What happens when two accomplished physicians decide to pivot from traditional medical practice to Coaching? Our guests, Dr. Michael Hersch and Dr. Arpita Gupta DePalma, reveal the transformative power of Coaching and how it has rekindled their passion for helping others. Dr. DePalma shares her poignant tale of choosing her family over a demanding medical career, eventually experiencing burnout in administrative roles. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic became a catalyst for her to discover Coaching's true potential. Dr. Hersch, a seasoned gastroenterologist, gives us a glimpse into his own journey towards reintegrating humanity and compassion into his professional life.

Stigma surrounding mental health and Coaching can be particularly challenging within certain cultural contexts.  Over time, however, they found that Coaching addressed long-standing issues like bottled-up anger and strained family ties, leading to newfound happiness and improved relationships. This section underscores the harmful belief that individuals should tackle life's challenges alone and how Coaching helps dismantle these limiting paradigms for personal growth and fulfillment.

Focusing on the unique challenges faced by physicians, we delve into the societal and professional expectations that discourage vulnerability, especially among male doctors. The discussion broadens to compare Coaching's acceptance in other fields, asserting that while not everyone may need a coach, everyone deserves one. Personal anecdotes illustrate the journey toward recognizing self-worth beyond professional achievements. We also touch upon the importance of community, therapy, and life Coaching in fostering personal and professional development. Join us for this enlightening conversation that offers valuable lessons for anyone striving to balance professional success and personal well-being.

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Though I am a physician, this is not medical advice. This is only a tool that physicians can use to get ideas on how to deal with burnout and/or know they are not alone. If you are in need of medical assistance talk to your physician.

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Sapna Shah-Haque Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Sapna Shah-Haque, MD is a board certified Internal Medicine physician. She was born and raised in Kansas, and attended medical school at the University of Kansas [KU] School of Medicine. She completed her Internal Medicine residency at KU-Wichita as well. After experiencing burnout herself, and watching other physician colleagues burn out, it became a passion of hers to look into different aspects of burnout. While the system does need to change, as it is broken, this podcast is a way to reach physicians and possibly shed light on what is not an isolated situation.

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