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Embrace Summer: A Time for Self-Reflection and Purposeful Growth

  1. Embrace Summer: A Time for Self-Reflection and Purposeful Growth Sapna A Shah-Haque 8:21

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As the days grow longer and the academic year winds to a close, I invite you to embrace the coming summer not just as a season for leisure, but as a pivotal time for introspection and goal-setting. Picture this: a serendipitous breakdown on a New Mexico highway led me to an epiphany about the necessity of creating intentional spaces for self-reflection. That's the kind of transformative journey I share on this episode of The Worthy Physician, where we explore the 'loss of self' that so many of us, especially in high-pressure careers like medicine, often face. It's a call to action—to pause, to reflect, to realign with your core values, and to reignite your passion for both your career and your life as we transition into the year's second act.

Harness the quiet of summer to craft your own narrative. Scribble down your triumphs, your musings, even your fleeting thoughts—it's all part of your evolving story. For those inspired to delve deeper, I hint at an upcoming workbook designed to assist you on this journey of self-improvement, providing the framework for a summer of meaningful growth. And to elevate your motivation, next week's episode will feature Dr. Jillian Rigert, whose inspiring transformation promises to offer invaluable insights for personal and professional rejuvenation. So, listen in and let the season of warmth guide you to a summer of self-discovery and renewed purpose.

Coming May 27, 2024, a workbook, From Loss to Legacy Renewing Your Sense of Self  will be available for purchase.  Dive deeper into the most important relationship–yourself!

Though I am a physician, this is not medical advice. This is only a tool that physicians can use to get ideas on how to deal with burnout and/or know they are not alone. If you are in need of medical assistance talk to your physician.

Learn more about female physicians' journey through burnout to thriving!

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Sapna Shah-Haque Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Sapna Shah-Haque, MD is a board certified Internal Medicine physician. She was born and raised in Kansas, and attended medical school at the University of Kansas [KU] School of Medicine. She completed her Internal Medicine residency at KU-Wichita as well. After experiencing burnout herself, and watching other physician colleagues burn out, it became a passion of hers to look into different aspects of burnout. While the system does need to change, as it is broken, this podcast is a way to reach physicians and possibly shed light on what is not an isolated situation.

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