1. HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? Marty Young 29:40

Everyone these days from Coast to Coast has a thought about the oppressive heat so many have been experiencing, but doesn’t that just come with the summer months?
TPC episode 222, “HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?” Considers that thought, by recalling what those Dog dates were like watt back when, in times when A/C & Refrigeration units were the exception rather than the rule, and greater creativity was necessary to escape the torrid temps. 
Listen in as a few attempts at “staying cool” are shared and see if you didn’t try similar in your own desperate attempts “beat the heat” “back in the day”.

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Marty Young Creator, Narrator & Host of The Primrose Chronicles podcast

Septuagenarian retired preacher with a retirement diversion of recounting his childhood & youth years living on the NE side of Indianapolis on Primrose Ave, during the 50’s & 60’s. A 30 minute weekly drop.