1. Suggestibility: How Subconscious Scripts Control The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Life Jeffrey Besecker 1:04:36

In the podcast episode titled “The Light Inside,” host Jeffrey Biesecker explores the concept of subconscious scripts and their profound impact on our perspectives and narratives. He invites guest Gareth Gwynne, who specializes in self-realization techniques and societal reconciliation, to delve into the intricacies of these scripts and how they shape our stories.

Certain truths are not always self-evident, with our stories and narratives impacting us in profound ways beyond our common understanding. 

Diving into the narratives embedded in our subconscious scripts reveals a profound impact on our ability to embrace our humanity and cultivate meaningful social connections. 

These internal stories, often shaped by past experiences and societal influences, can unwittingly hinder our authenticity and limit the depth of our relationships. 

Unearthing and challenging these narratives is a transformative journey toward genuine connection—freeing us from the constraints that obscure our true essence. 

Join us this for our season-ending episode of The Light Inside as we  embark on this exploration together, rewriting the scripts that no longer serve us and fostering a richer, more authentic tapestry of human connection. 

00:04:37 Uncovering subconscious scripts for transformation.

00:08:38 Emotional reactions shape our perspectives.

00:11:58 Rewriting narratives for emotional growth.

00:18:53 The role of social conditioning in neural imprinting.

The timestamp for when the podcast starts to say “Recognize reactivity and shift into feeling” is 00:22:30. Recognize reactivity and shift into feeling.

00:27:00 Inner peace is essential for world peace.

00:34:24 Embrace emotions for personal growth.

00:41:14 Embrace the darkness for growth.

The timestamp in the podcast where it starts to discuss how ego shapes our subjective perspectives is 00:44:05. Ego shapes our subjective perspectives.

00:53:29 Transformation through self-realization and empathy.

00:59:00 Embrace self-awareness for personal growth.

01:00:34 Embrace conflict for deeper trust.

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Gareth Gwyn

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Hi! I am Jeffrey Besecker. Using data-driven methodologies, we explore why we behave the way we do as human beings - think of it as investigative reporting for the soul.

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