1. Reframing Emotional Triggers: A Journey to Healing and Empowerment Jeffrey Besecker 58:33

Explore the impact of psychological triggers on our perceptions with trauma recovery coach Joe Ryan in this episode of The Light Inside.

Learn how to reframe emotional triggers in a more empowering way to navigate life’s challenges.

In this episode of The Light Inside, host Jeffrey Besecker revisits a conversation with trauma recovery coach Joe Ryan about the role of psychological triggers in shaping our perceptions. They discuss reframing emotional triggers in a more empowering way.

This episode delves into how our reactions and resistance can influence our stories and perceptions. While the team takes a break for spring, listeners are encouraged to explore this insightful discussion.

Key Topics Discussed:

emotional triggers and trauma
Setting boundaries
Moving beyond blindspots

Time stamps:

[00:02:51] Emotional triggers.
[00:04:50] The evolving definition of trauma.
[00:10:26] Little T trauma and its impact.
[00:12:38] Enmeshment in relationships.
[00:18:09] Evolving past emotional processing.
[00:20:51] Moving towards authorship and ownership.
[00:24:20] Setting boundaries when triggered.
[00:28:42] Self-discovery through desire and self-acceptance.
[00:31:17] Self-sabotaging beliefs and trauma.
[00:36:18] Childhood trauma and healing.
[00:40:35] Blind spots as learning opportunities.
[00:43:39] Overcoming fear and shame.
[00:46:27] Discovering Personal Belief Systems.
[00:50:08] Emotional maturity and self-acceptance.
[00:54:41] Embracing deep emotional experiences.
[00:56:48] Trauma recovery program details.

Featured Guest:
Joe Ryan

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