1. Exploring Awe & Wonder: How Intention & Humor Create Joy with The Jollytologist, Allen Klein Jeffrey Besecker 41:36

When Allen Klein, spurred on by the power of intention and the awe of childhood, sets out to march in the Macy’s Day Parade, he discovers that life’s greatest wonders can be found in unexpected places.

“If you can’t find the humor, that may be the second best thing you can do. Try to be positive about what’s happening. Right, so the dictionary, if you look it up, one of the definitions, it’s reverence mixed with fear and wonder.”

Allen Klein is a former set designer and author of multiple books, including The Healing Power of Joyful Humor, Awe, and Wonder. He is an expert in the power of awe and wonder and has given a popular Ted Talk exploring how our thoughts and intentions create our reality.

Allen Klein had a moment of awe and wonder when he saw his newborn daughter for the first time, and his daughter revealed a funny story from her childhood. He went on to explore the power of positive thinking, awe, and wonder, learning that you don’t need to go somewhere special to find it – it is all around us if we look closely.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Discovering the power of intention to manifest one’s desires

2. Experiencing awe and wonder in everyday moments

3. Exploring the possibility of learning from children’s curiosity.


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