1. Ep #114 | Brooke Winter | What Is Love 46:31

In this episode, Young engages in a heartwarming conversation with Brooke Winters, a devoted mom of three who embarked on a remarkable journey from a demanding HR career to the nuanced landscape of stay-at-home parenting and entrepreneurship. Brooke shares her unique perspective on the intersection of love, fulfillment, and parenting. The discussion unfolds as Brooke challenges societal expectations, offering insights into navigating the intricacies of being a stay-at-home mom and the fulfillment found beyond the confines of a traditional career. The episode touches on the incorporation of kids into entrepreneurial ventures, the importance of encouraging meaningful conversations, and reflections on what fulfillment truly means for individuals and families.

Listen and Discover:

– Brooke’s transformative journey from a high-stress corporate job to being a stay-at-home mom.
– Misconceptions about stay-at-home parenting
– How to let go of being a Pinterest-perfect parent.
– How to incorporate kids into entrepreneurial pursuits.
– Ways to foster meaningful conversations.
– Perspectives on what your kids might choose for a living
– Finding fulfillment outside of work.
– Valuable advice for parents on establishing what love looks like for your family.
– Reflections on personal growth and embracing a unique style of parenting.

Join Young and Brooke for a candid exploration of the multifaceted nature of parenting and the pursuit of individual fulfillment.

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I am a devoted mother to three incredible children aged 15, 11, and 10, residing in my hometown, Redding, CA. Over the past 11 years, I’ve cherished a happy marriage and completed our family with two lovely dogs, Bella the corgi, and Blaze the German shepherd mix.

Five years ago, I ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Clarity HR Consulting, drawing on my 14 years of management experience. My passion lies in aiding small and medium-sized businesses, valuing employees as invaluable assets. When not working, my family and I enjoy quality time together, exercising, reading, experimenting with homebrews, and traveling. I’m a dedicated Dodgers fan and previously worked as a wedding planner before finding my true calling in HR.

I firmly believe in effective communication, simplifying labor laws, and fostering positive interactions between employers and employees. HR, to me, means being a coach and mentor, not just a watchdog. My goal is to assist businesses proactively, positively impacting their operations and bottom line. In everything I do, whether guiding businesses through HR complexities, spending time with family, supporting the Dodgers, or exploring new places, I live with passion and purpose, celebrating thriving businesses and meaningful connections.

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