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May 15th, 2024

The Breathing Breakthrough: Doctor Dylan's 6-Step System to Reclaim Your Nights

  1. The Breathing Breakthrough: Doctor Dylan's 6-Step System to Reclaim Your Nights The Fallible Man 1:30:01

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Are you constantly exhausted during the day no matter how much you sleep at night? If so, you may be one of the millions of people unknowingly suffering from sleep apnea. While it may seem like just bothersome snoring, this common disorder actually causes people to stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night, preventing them from getting quality sleep.
 In this enlightening episode, sleep expert Dr. Dylan Petkis reveals shocking truths about the causes of sleep apnea, debunking the myth that it only affects overweight people. Going beyond just anatomy, he explains the role that breathing pattern disorders play and how inflammation can also be a key driver.
 Dr. Petkis shares his integrative 6-step protocol to treat sleep apnea through resetting your natural breathing patterns. Listen in to understand what sleep apnea really is, determine if you are at risk even if not overweight, and gain actionable advice to start improving your sleep quality immediately.
 Here's what you'll discover:
 – Clear signs that you may have sleep apnea, even if not visibly overweight
 – The truth about what causes sleep apnea (it's not just obesity!)
 – Natural solutions and exercises to begin improving your breathing issues tonight
 – How you can treat sleep apnea without surgery or cumbersome CPAP machines
 As Dr. Petkis reminds us, “With the breath work…you kind of have the tools you already need to get started and start really making improvements.”
 Your body has an incredible capacity to heal itself – it just needs a little support. Tune in now to equip yourself with the knowledge and techniques to finally get a restful night's sleep.

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Chapter Markers

00:00:26 The Power of Natural Solutions for Sleep Apnea

00:03:32 Introducing Dr. Dylan Petkus

00:23:45 Importance of Asking Understandable Questions

00:24:41 Skepticism in Information Acceptance

00:25:35 Challenges in Interpreting Research

00:26:38 Public Distrust in Presented Information

00:29:42 The Skepticism Around Polls and Research

00:35:33 Understanding Sleep Apnea

00:37:31 Clinical Definition of Sleep Apnea

00:40:15 Understanding Breathing Patterns

00:46:01 Prevalence of Sleep Apnea vs. Airway Narrowing

00:46:54 Misconceptions about Sleep Apnea Causes

00:49:54 Understanding Cellular Energy Production

00:54:15 Prevalence of Sleep Apnea in Men

01:00:25 Assessing Risk of Sleep Apnea

01:02:32 Probability of CPAP Therapy for Sleep Apnea

01:04:54 Factors for Improving Sleep

01:08:42 Rectangle Breathing Technique for Better Sleep

01:14:55 Measuring CO2 Tolerance with Controlled Pause

01:17:21 Understanding Disordered Breathing and Sleep Apnea

01:20:03 Natural Solutions for Sleep Apnea

01:29:41 The Impact of Breath Work on Health

01:30:11 Podcast Wrap-Up

David Dowlen Relationship and Personal Development Coach

My name is Brent and I am an entrepreneur mostly known for being a Men’s Relationship & Personal Development Coach, the Host of The Fallible Man Podcast, a Speaker, Personal Trainer and an Event Coordinator.

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