1. Navigating the Dangers of Burnout at Work with Dr Amy Bradley and Dr Katherine Semler Evergreen Podcasts 39:44

In this episode of the Connected Leadership Gold series, Andy Lopata discusses the critical topic of overwhelm and burnout in today’s fast-paced world. Joined by esteemed guests Dr. Katherine Semler and Dr. Amy Bradley, authors of the book “Running on Empty,” the conversation explores the profound impact of excessive workload on individuals and organisations.

Dr. Amy Bradley reflects on a pivotal moment during the COVID-19 pandemic when she recognised she was overwhelmed, noting similar patterns among peers. Dr. Katherine Semler highlights challenges in balancing well-being amid demanding work environments.

Andy, Amy and Katherine discuss the role of technology, particularly the ubiquitous use of platforms like Zoom, which has led to the phenomenon of “Zoom fatigue.” Andy underscores the importance of reevaluating scheduling practices to prevent back-to-back meetings and allow for essential breaks between engagements.

There is a need for proactive measures to address burnout, both at an individual and an organisational level. The discussion progresses to advocate for open dialogue and supportive environments, where individuals feel empowered to prioritise Self-Care and seek assistance when needed. Additionally, the significance of tailored approaches is stressed, recognising that what may be restorative for one person could be overwhelming for another.

Andy, with Dr. Katherine Semler and Dr. Amy Bradley, explores the complexities of burnout and overwhelm in various cultural and organisational contexts. Dr. Bradley highlights the importance of language and intentionality in addressing burnout, emphasising the need for genuine empathy and listening without judgment.

Dr. Semler adds to the conversation by discussing the impact of toxic cultures on burnout, noting the extremes of either stigmatising or glorifying burnout within organisations. She emphasises the role of leadership in fostering a culture of support and openness, where emotional and practical support are prioritised and relationships are built on trust and reciprocity.

The discussion also touches upon gender, ethnicity, and cultural differences in experiencing burnout, with Dr. Semler highlighting the added pressures faced by women, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Bradley emphasises the link between perfectionism and burnout, noting that individuals with perfectionist tendencies may be more susceptible to exhaustion.

Overall, the interview emphasises the collective responsibility of individuals, families, communities, organisations, and societies in addressing burnout and reshaping the way work is approached to prevent its detrimental effects.

The episode highlights the importance of fostering a culture of empathy, communication, and mutual support. By recognising the warning signs of burnout and taking proactive steps to address them, individuals and organisations can work towards creating healthier, more sustainable work environments.

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Andy Lopata Author, Podcast Host and Speaker on Professional Relationships Strategy

Andy Lopata is a specialist speaker on professional relationships, mentoring, networking, and social media strategy. He is a firm believer that professional relationships underpin our success in business, our roles, and our careers. The right relationships with the right people can lead to new business opportunities, investment, collaborative working, innovation, and career progress. We just need to be comfortable approaching those relationships strategically, without making people feel ‘networked’ by us.

Andy has worked in the field of networking and professional relationships for 25 years, working with global giants such as Paypal, GSK, AstraZeneca, Wella, HSBC, Wembley Stadium, the BBC, and the Prime Minister’s Office of the UAE, among many others during that time. He has also worked with leading universities including NYU, Duke University, and Oxford University’s Said Business School.

A regular blogger for Psychology Today, Andy has been quoted in The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, and The Guardian, as well as many other national and regional newspapers and magazines worldwide. He has written or co-authored six books on networking and professional relationships, with his sixth book, "The Financial Times Guide to Mentoring," being published in Spring 2024. He is also the host of The Connected Leadership Podcast and has interviewed globally recognized names in business, academia, sports, and entertainment for the show.

Andy has been inducted into the PSAE Hall of Fame – the Professional Speaking Association Award of Excellence, which was held by only 21 other speakers at the time it was presented. He is a Fellow and a former President of the Fellows’ Community of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA), a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), and a Member of the Association of Business Mentors and the Meetings Industry Association.