1. Choose Your Focus with Jessica Rhys-Griffith Maria T. Finch 29:52

Wish you could shift your perspective during stressful times? Tune in to learn ways to do this! Jessica Rhys-Griffith made a choice to have a child on her own, a truly joyful decision, and as a stressed out and busy executive, she realized she needed to be intentional with her time and energy. Jessica figured out what to focus on in order to be who she wanted to be and achieve what she wanted to achieve. She found effective ways to shift her perspective to empower herself in a wide variety of situations in order to build the life she wanted. Tune in to learn ways you can do this too!

What you’ll learn:

  • Finding balance in life is a choice!
  • By asking yourself the right questions about what you want in life, you can better focus your time and energy.
  • Start by figuring out who you want to be and what you want to achieve.
  • Then, ask yourself what do you need to change in order to meet those personal and professional goals?
  • Create a process for yourself to check in…are things still going the way you want them to? What needs to shift? Review this at whatever interval makes sense for you and adjust accordingly.
  • Instead of focusing on what you’re not getting done, focus on what you are and give yourself credit!· And so much more!

Connect with Jessica:
Jessica works with women in executive positions or in middle management to create balance in their lives so they can live on their own terms, instead of just responding to constant demands.
10 Ways to make time for what important to you

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Maria T. Finch, Intuitive Strategy Guide and host of the Silence the Mindcluck Podcast, works with motivated people

  • who are unsatisfied with one or many aspects of their lives despite their success, and
  • who are ready to make fulfillment and success go hand in hand.

Is this you? Maria will teach you how to silence the mindcluck that leaves you unsatisfied or even miserable despite your success. Maria will guide you to tune into your intuition to create and execute strategies that will shift you from feeling frustrated AF to being the queen or king of your existence.

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Maria T. Finch Inner Intelligence Coach

Maria T. Finch is an Inner Intelligence Coach at Silence the Mindcluck. Mindcluck means what you think it means…the mind chatter everyone experiences that can derail even the best moments. Maria works with high achievers who are unsatisfied in one or many aspects of their lives. She guides them to silence their mindcluck and tune into their inner intelligence to build and execute strategies that shift them from feeling frustrated AF to being the queens or kings of their lives.