1. I Learned the Significance of Love, Resilience and Self-Reliance from my Mom with Guest Marketing Specialist Costas Schuler 30:59

Costas Schuler is a Graphic Designer/Marketing and Branding Specialist. He lives in the Fort Lauderdale area of  Florida.

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The thought of his mother finding out about the  crazy stuff Costas was up to as a teen, kept him on the straight and narrow.  He says, “she was the bad cop, dad was the good cop.”  Costas and his mom are very close. There is seven years between he and his younger brother, so Costas and his mom had many years together and developed a wonderful relationship.

In this episode, Costas shares stories of Lemon’s childhood up in the hills of Ikaria during WWII where they suffered through regular bombings from the Italian troops and had little food. We can all imagine what it takes to feed seven children.  Yet, Costas has a lifetime of wonderful memories from his visits to the Greek island-all of which he shares with his children.

Costas talks about a tremendous work ethic that he feels he got from both his mother and father, yet he truly respects why it was so important for his mother to instill the significance of Resilience and self-reliance in her children.  Those lessons are the same that he has chosen to instill in his own children today.

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Costas Schuler | Transformative Brand Consultant

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Should have listened to my mother

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