1. A Journey to Health and Ageless Living with Deepak Saini Dr. Ron Kaiser 39:14

The podcast features an interview with Deepak Saini, founder of Deepak Saini Health, focused on reversing the effects of aging. Deepak, coming from a corporate background, shares his journey of overcoming health challenges, including obesity, autoimmune disorders, and a back injury. He discusses his transformation, transitioning from a CPA to a health coach, driven by personal experiences and a passion for helping others.

The conversation explores the ongoing struggle with food relationships, even after significant weight loss. Deepak candidly shares his challenges and the importance of mindset and purpose in making healthier choices. The discussion touches on the difficulty of breaking ingrained habits and the need for intentional living.

Deepak emphasizes the importance of small habit changes, making it more sustainable for long-term health. Sleep is highlighted as a crucial factor in overall well-being, with nutrition also playing a significant role in reducing inflammation. He delves into his Coaching programs, offering both group Coaching and one-on-one sessions, addressing various aspects of health and aging.

Deepak discusses his upcoming, “Reverse the Effects of Aging Summit,” which will take place online on December 8-10.  It will feature more than 30 speakers, including Dr. Ron, presenting various perspectives and strategies for growing older in an active and healthy manner.

In response to the question of changing habits later in life, Deepak stresses the value of purpose and mindset, emphasizing that it’s never too late to make positive lifestyle changes. He shares personal anecdotes and strategies to help individuals navigate their health journey, regardless of age, and encourages listeners to focus on purpose and intentionality in pursuing a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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Ron Kaiser, Ph.D. Psychologist, Educator, Author, Podcaster

Ron Kaiser, Ph.D., is a positive health psychologist, coach, author, podcaster, educator, consultant, and speaker. He has been in practice for more than five decades, including 25 years as Director of Psychology at the world-famous Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University. As an innovative thought leader in the field, he has developed the concepts of THE MENTAL HEALTH GYM, GOAL-ACHIEVING PSYCHOTHERAPY (GAP), THE TYPE P PERSONALITY, and REJUVENAGING®.