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June 6th, 2024

Just As It Is!

  1. Just As It Is! Rella B 22:49

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Welcome to Reading with Rella B! This episode features a sample reading of the early reader chapter book: Just As It Is! by Janice Kenyatta.

This inspiring story is about a young African American girl who was taught by her loving parents to embrace and celebrate her natural beauty, including her hair, just as it is! This uplifting tale promotes self-acceptance, self-love, and inclusivity, encouraging listeners to appreciate and respect the unique differences in others from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

If you like this book, it can be purchased on Amazon.


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We will begin getting our brains and bodies ready with some stretching and a riddle with Rella, then we will hear the story and shout out our Co-Creators!

There are many participation opportunities for the little ones, so please go to or your favorite social channel, if you would like to learn more about those! I send out FREE weekly activities to my newsletter subscribers and followers.

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Thanks for listening, toodles!

On this page, you'll learn a bit about me.
I'm the Author, and you can call me Rella B.
I love to write and rhyme really often,
If you don't like silly stories, proceed with caution.
Cows, patterns, and reading are my favorite things,
Teaching little ones lessons pulls on my heartstrings.
Right now, I'm a nobody from nowhere,
But I plan to have many more books to share.
A household name I would love to be,
But who knows what's in store? I guess we'll see.

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