1. Ep 87. Unwrapping Midlife Pet Peeves Tish & Ellen 37:57

Ever wonder why that one person loudly chewing gum or one upping you in a conversation can drive you up the wall? This week, Tish and Ellen delve into the curious world of pet peeves, those minor irritations that reveal much about our personalities and possibly our past. We examine how these nuisances, from the insignificant to those rooted in childhood trauma, can sometimes unjustly occupy a significant place in our lives.

Ellen and Tish swap tales of the trivial things that under their skin, such as 'Hi' slack messages void of substance and the chronic late friend we all have . We also touch upon more poignant issues, like the sensitivity around peers griping about their aging mothers, which hits closer to home for both of us. Through laughter and genuine emotion, we navigate the maze of life's tiny trials, sharing tips for managing and confronting these frustrations directly or opting for the more peaceful route of simply stepping aside.

Wrapping it all up, we share actionable advice on how to address pet peeves with five actionable steps. From advocating for more meaningful communication to developing a game plan to dodge irksome situations, we lay out methods for overcoming these tests of patience. And as we venture together through the landscape of Midlife annoyances, we encourage you to share your stories and join us and share some of your Midlife pet peeves on our social channels.

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