1. How to Make Informed Decisions When Caring for Our Parents with Amy Cameron O’Rourke, Aging Expert & Author of The Fragile Years willGather, Amy Cameron O'Rourke 59:06

Do you have a parent or a loved one nearing the most fragile years of life?  We know that eventually our parents will be entering this final stage and we are often not prepared for the challenges that it brings.


Aging expert Amy Cameron O’Rourke, author of The Fragile Years and founder O’Rourke & Associates is a dedicated care manager with 40 years of experience. She has a passion for helping people and their loved ones find peace and joy as they age. The book The Fragile Years is written for the millions of unpaid caregivers and adult children of aging parents entering those final years of life.


Amy’s work has been celebrated by NPR, TEDx,  U.S . News & World Report, Forbes, and many others.  While these years can be challenging they also provide as Amy would say “A beautiful opportunity for connection, meaning, and joy”. 

“One day, we will all reach the final stages of our lives — our most fragile years, and we will want to know that someone is looking out for us.”


Amy shares about:

  • What prompted Amy to write the book
  • Her passion and care throughout the years
  • Common mistakes we make as caregivers
  • What are the “fragile years”?
  • Exercising professional courage
  • Who makes a good “quarterback”?
  • What does over-treatment rob us of?
  • How does the transactional approach of healthcare impact us and our elders?
  • How families can effectively work together and manage care for their loved one
  • What three key areas to focus on in making preparations for our parents
  • Working through complicated relationships
  • What questions to ask when receiving care and making a move
  • Options for care and payment


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Purchase The Fragile Years: Proven Strategies for the Care of Aging Loved Ones HERE. 


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