1. BONUS: Manasvi Madan Interviews Me on Arcs and Archives Manasvi Madan / Jennie O'Connor 46:52

Manasvi may have just begun her podcasting journey, but she is already an excellent interviewer, asking penetrating questions that made this convo one of my favorite interviews to date! We talk all about how to pursue new ideas, part ways with old ones and figure out life as a multipotentialite.

This bonus episode is not only fun to listen to, it may spark some ideas for creative conversation starters you can use to break the ice at parties this holiday season. Enjoy!

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I'm a wandering storyteller who writes about the struggles of being a multi-passionate person in a specialist world. If you feel like life is too short to do everything that piques your curiosity, Multi-Passionate Like a Boss, the podcast, offers tips for developing focus, making an impact and leaving behind a legacy you can be proud of, even if you're obsessed with shiny objects!